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Puerto Rican writer. 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈 Poetry, Fiction & Non-Fic. BA in English Literature. Owner of Ilusiones, publication for Caribbean/Latinx writers. Ko-fi omylaza


An odd fashion trend from the 15th century.

Regnault de Montauban, Tome 2 — Gallica

Have you ever wondered why so many pieces of Medieval art feature nobility wearing pointy shoes?

I was going through the 15th century art section of Wikimedia Commons, and was reminded of this particularity. Piece after piece contained this weird looking shoe. Why is that?

Apparently, during this time period…

A new publication for Caribbean and Latin-American creatives.

Ilusiones is a Medium publication that aims to create a space for Caribbean and Latin-American creatives.

We are currently accepting: Fiction, Personal Essays, Poetry and Visual Art submissions.

Languages: Spanish, English and Spanglish.

Visit our Submission Guidelines page for more information.

Ilusiones accepts Caribbean and Latin-American creatives from all walks of life. We want to create a space for LGBTQIA+ and diverse perspectives, not spread hate.

We are a brand new publication, and are excited to grow this community with you!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here or email us:

Ilusiones looks forward to checking out your creative work!

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“Atop her desk, her quill mourns the spill of black ink…”

Attila Lisinszky — Unsplash

When the sun has gone to bed,
and its golden light is no longer,
the moon finishes its slumber,
and this witch is left to ponder.

Only the melodic hoots of wild owls,
the glow of a well-rested moon
and the gloomy howls of a pack of wolves
accompany the witch in her…


“We sit on her living room, as she stirs and stirs beautiful concoctions in the kitchen…”

Mika The Tamale Maker—Marilyn Smith

the smell and vapor of coffee,
the warmth of knitted blankets,
the calming sound waves
of the radio playing
as she dices and cuts.
when she hugs us: an assault
of the remnants of florid perfume

as children, we are in euphoria
after being released
from school at three.



“They entered the lusterless manor, its lighting as dim as the smile of a liar…”


On the carriage ride to the faded manor,
all Elizabeth could hear was
the rumbling of distant thunder,
her black horse’s faint gallops
and the sound of her husband’s
dreadful pocket-watch ticking;
each second slower than the last.

As the black horse trudged forth,
and this troubled couple stammered,
With a gust…


“It’s important to not bury this sting, but to acknowledge it. Listen to it carefully.”

Annie Spratt—

A few months ago, one of my short stories was accepted by a magazine, whereas another one was rejected on the same day. Guess which one I spent most of my day fixated on.

Moments like these remind me about the undeniable sting of rejection. We all experience it in…


Thoughts on the dynamics of hate-watching.

Tarik KizilKaya—iStock

The year is 2017. Riverdale, a CW show loosely based on the Archie comics, has just started airing. It has amassed over 2 million television viewers and a very active fandom. This show, although aesthetically pleasing, makes no sense — and is absolutely glorious for it.

Every week, a large…


“In her lonesome cabin, she stirs and stirs her yearns and concerns…”

Fergregory — Adobe Stock

at midnight, only a flash
of lightning illuminates
the witch’s desperate brew.
in her lonesome cabin,
she stirs and stirs
her yearns and concerns,
for she longs to start anew.

she stirs and stirs
unanswered letters
abandoned pleasures
ripped pages
trapped sighs
and bloodshot eyes
into the mix;

out of…


The harm of black and white thinking in story telling.

RyanKing999 — iStock

The other day I was watching OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, an animated series that aired in Cartoon Network. …


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