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Ilusiones accepts Caribbean and Latin-American creatives from all walks of life. We want to create a space for LGBTQIA+ and diverse perspectives, not spread hate.

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How the Victorians’ obsession with natural history intersected with this peculiar fashion trend.

“Punch” Issue 17 & 23 respectively (1870–1871) — Winchester School of Art Library

The satirical journal Punch contains some very over-the-top illustrations of Victorian women wearing dresses inspired by insects and animals. In this particular volume, published in 1869, they are dressed as cockroaches, beetles and butterflies. Some are seen taking strolls while sporting gigantic feathered bonnets, as pictured above.

Punch was poking…


Self-care marketing and placing instant-gratification over long-term wellness.

Donna and Tom, Parks and Recreation — Image Credit: Gottlieb-Miller

In 2011, NBC’s sitcom Parks and Recreation introduced a special self-care holiday: Treat Yo’ Self Day. Each year, on October 13, Donna and Tom dedicate an entire day to do whatever their hearts desire. From drinking expensive wine, getting manicures, going to spas, you name it. …


On ‘static’ happiness and narrow-minded definitions of success.

Diane and Bojack sit on the rooftop at night. Diane says “Sometimes life’s a bitch and then you keep living.”
Diane and BoJack — S6E16

At their best, success stories are a much-needed dose of inspiration for us. Given our current state of affairs, it can be so easy to fall into pits of helpless despair. We’re but speckles of dust in this gigantic universe that seems to be growing bleaker each passing day. Thus…


“Tú eres la persona que está exigiendo ‘demasiado’ / You
are the person that demands ‘too much’…”

Erik Butler — Unsplash


ese respeto perecedero
te hace creer que tú
eres la loca

eres la persona
que está exigiendo



en esta jodia vida.

eres la que está
forzando ideologías

la que no puede
aceptar su lugar,

la que no puede simplemente


la gama constante…


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